I’m May!  After working in a gift shop during college, my Mom realized that thMeet Maye retail business was her jam and medical school would have to wait.  Thank goodness this happened because I heard they don’t really allow four-legged friends to go to work with their owners when they work at a hospital!  

Anyway, my Mom decided to start a gift shop of her own and in 2001, Spoiled Rotten opened its doors on Elmwood Avenue in Buffalo. We were one of the first gift shops in town to offer unique, Buffalo themed gift items and we’ve stayed true to our roots ever since.

When you shop with us, you’ll quickly see what my Mom is good at.  She is really good at shopping!  She’s got an eye for finding unique, high quality items that people love and that’s the type of stuff we carry.

She’s also really creative.  She uses her creativity to pick really cool Buffalo themed home décor items that people can use to bring a little bit of Buffalo into their home in a unique way.

And let’s not forget how good she is at making people happy, me in particular of course!  She’s dedicated to our customers and our city.  From the items she selects, to the experience you’ll have shopping with us, all the way down to our gift wrap, she wants to help you spoil yourself, or someone you love, rotten with one of a kind Buffalo swag!

Happy shopping.